Accepted Papers

Track A
  1. David Harris and N.S. Narayanaswamy. A faster algorithm for Vertex Cover parameterized by solution size
  2. Philip Bille, Inge Li Gørtz, Moshe Lewenstein, Solon P. Pissis, Eva Rotenberg and Teresa Anna Steiner. Gapped String Indexing in Subquadratic Space and Sublinear Query Time
  3. Bodo Manthey and Jesse van Rhijn. Worst-Case and Smoothed Analysis of Hartigan's Method for k-Means Clustering
  4. Martin Hoefer, Carmine Ventre and Lisa Wilhelmi. Algorithms for Claims Trading
  5. Ildikó Schlotter. Shortest Two Disjoint Paths in Conservative Graphs
  6. Ziyi Guan, Yunqi Huang, Penghui Yao and Zekun Ye. Quantum and Classical Communication Complexity of Permutation-Invariant Functions
  7. Swagato Sanyal. Randomized query composition and product distributions
  8. Katarzyna Kowalska and Michał Pilipczuk. Parameterized and approximation algorithms for coverings points with segments in the plane
  9. Christophe Paul and Evangelos Protopapas. Tree-Layout Based Graph Classes: Proper Chordal Graphs
  10. Haitao Wang. Algorithms for Computing Closest Points for Segments
  11. Matthias Gehnen, Henri Lotze and Peter Rossmanith. Online Simple Knapsack with Bounded Predictions
  12. Nicolas El Maalouly, Sebastian Haslebacher and Lasse Wulf. On the Exact Matching Problem in Dense Graphs
  13. Marcin Bienkowski and Stefan Schmid. A Subquadratic Bound for Online Bisection
  14. Tara Abrishami, Maria Chudnovsky, Marcin Pilipczuk and Paweł Rzążewski. Max Weight Independent Set in sparse graphs with no long claws
  15. Geoffroy Caillat-Grenier and Andrei Romashchenko. Spectral approach to the communication complexity of multi-party key agreement
  16. Michael Kompatscher. The subpower membership problem of 2-nilpotent algebras
  17. Stéphane Bessy, Stéphan Thomassé and Laurent Viennot. Temporalizing digraphs via linear-size balanced bi-trees
  18. Ramanujan M. Sridharan, Fahad Panolan, Lawqueen Kanesh and Peter Strulo. Decremental Sensitivity Oracles for Covering and Packing Minors
  19. Liu Ying and Chen Shiteng. The sub-exponential time lower bounds for #VC and #Matching
  20. Marek Filakovský, Tamio-Vesa Nakajima, Jakub Opršal, Gianluca Tasinato and Uli Wagner. Hardness of linearly ordered 4-colouring of 3-colourable 3-uniform hypergraphs
  21. Pranjal Dutta, Fulvio Gesmundo, Christian Ikenmeyer, Gorav Jindal and Vladimir Lysikov. Fixed-parameter debordering of Waring rank
  22. Piotr Kawałek, Michael Kompatscher and Jacek Krzaczkowski. Circuit equivalence in 2-nilpotent algebras
  23. Jan Böker, Louis Härtel, Nina Runde, Tim Seppelt and Christoph Standke. The Complexity of Homomorphism Reconstructibility
  24. Omkar Baraskar, Agrim Dewan and Chandan Saha. An equivalence test for design polynomials
  25. Nicolas Bousquet, Laurent Feuilloley and Sébastien Zeitoun. Local certification of local properties: tight bounds, trade-offs and new parameters
  26. Jakub Balabán, Robert Ganian and Mathis Rocton. Computing Twin-Width Parameterized by the Feedback Edge Number
  27. Tameem Choudhury and Karteek Sreenivasaiah. Depth-3 Circuit Lower Bounds for k-OV
  28. Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, Solon Pissis, Jakub Radoszewski, Wojciech Rytter, Tomasz Walen and Wiktor Zuba. Approximate Circular Pattern Matching under Edit Distance
  29. Janosch Fuchs and Philip Whittington. The 2-Attractor Problem is NP-Complete
  30. Matthias Lanzinger and Igor Razgon. FPT Approximation of Generalised Hypertree Width for Bounded Intersection Hypergraphs
  31. Daniel Neuen. Homomorphism-Distinguishing Closedness for Graphs of Bounded Tree-Width
  32. Max Bannach, Florian Andreas Marwitz and Till Tantau. Faster Graph Algorithms Through DAG Compression
  33. Vikraman Arvind, Frank Fuhlbrück, Johannes Koebler and Oleg Verbitsky. On a Hierarchy of Spectral Invariants for Graphs
  34. Jack Dippel and Adrian Vetta. One n Remains to Settle the Tree Conjecture
  35. Franziska Eberle. $O(1/\varepsilon)$ is the answer in online weighted throughput maximization
  36. Marcin Bienkowski and Guy Even. An Improved Approximation Algorithm for Dynamic Minimum Linear Arrangement
  37. Jesper Jansson, Wing-Kin Sung, Seyed Ali Tabatabaee and Yutong Yang. A Faster Algorithm for Constructing the Frequency Difference Consensus Tree
  38. Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Luc Cote and Ankita Sarkar. Fault-tolerant k-Supplier with Outliers
  39. Pranjal Dutta, Christian Ikenmeyer, Balagopal Komarath, Harshil Mittal, Saraswati Girish Nanoti and Dhara Thakkar. On the power of border width-2 ABPs over fields of characteristic 2
  40. Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer, Fabian Frei and Peter Rossmanith. Removable Online Knapsack and Advice
Track B
  1. Andrei Draghici, Christoph Haase and Florin Manea. Semënov Arithmetic, Affine VASS, and String Constraints
  2. Emre Yolcu. Lower bounds for set-blocked clauses proofs
  3. Olivier Bournez and Riccardo Gozzi. Solving discontinuous initial value problems with unique solutions is equivalent to computing over the transfinite
  4. S. Hitarth, George Kenison, Laura Kovacs and Anton Varonka. Linear Loop Synthesis for Quadratic Invariants
  5. Stefan Göller and Nathan Grosshans. The AC0-Complexity Of Visibly Pushdown Languages
  6. Pierre Ohlmann and Michał Skrzypczak. Positionality in Σ^0_2 and a completeness result
  7. Nicolás Bitar. Contributions to the Domino Problem: Seeding, Recurrence and Satisfiability
  8. Dietrich Kuske, Christoph Berkholz and Christian Schwarz. Modal logic is more succinct iff bi-implication is available in some form
  9. Nicola Cotumaccio. A Myhill-Nerode Theorem for Generalized Automata, with Applications to Pattern Matching and Compression
  10. C. Aiswarya, Soumodev Mal and Prakash Saivasan. Satisfiability of Context-free String Constraints with Subword ordering and Transducers
  11. Irmak Sağlam, Moses Ganardi and Georg Zetzsche. Directed Regular and Context-Free Languages
  12. Andreea-Teodora Nász, Andreas Maletti and Erik Paul. Weighted HOM-Problem for Nonnegative Integers
  13. Christoph Berkholz, Stefan Mengel and Hermann Wilhelm. A characterization of efficiently compilable constraint languages
  14. Harsh Beohar, Sebastian Gurke, Barbara König, Karla Messing, Jonas Forster, Lutz Schröder and Paul Wild. Expressive Quantale-valued Logics for Coalgebras: an Adjunction-based Approach
  15. James C. A. Main. Arena-independent Memory Bounds for Nash Equilibria in Reachability Games
  16. Julian D'Costa, Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell. Nonnegativity Problems for Matrix Semigroups